• SuperStroke USA
  • Jordan Spieth


  • Taco Truck Creative

Project Requirements
Our client really just wanted a cool representation of the worlds number 1 golfer and his amazing statistics. This left it wide open for creative to flow, but we still had a few key features to adhere to:

  • Flex statistics that spoke to golf, class, his strengths and inspirations.
  • A strong, and easily readable, way to represent over 12 months of record breaking stats.
  • A focus on his putting and career putting improvements.
  • Include SuperStroke's brand without over-doing it. Our focus was Jordan, but also his incredible relationship with SuperStroke, their products and the connection on how they've helped his game.

Client Goals

  • Represent the 2015 World's Number 1 Golfer accurately and professionally.
  • Provide a fluid path through all of the information.
  • Connect putting, Jordan Spieth and improving your golf game by showing the viewer, statistically, how it has helped Jordan's game.

Please be patient as this is a large file (20mb).
18" x 24" @ 300dpi